Is alfalfa useful?

Is alfalfa useful?An ancient Chinese proverb says: "What benefits your animals will benefit you." Once the Chinese drew attention to the fact that their livestock with great pleasure eats the leaves of alfalfa, they were engaged in its cultivation and since then this plant is among the traditional means of Chinese traditional medicine. Due to its unique healing properties, this forage herb has taken a well-deserved place of honor on the tables of the richest and most noble people of that time.
Alfalfa is distinguished by its nutritional value, high content of protein and calcareous substances. Because of this, it is especially useful for people who stick to a vegetarian diet, for women during menopause, as well as for pregnant women, as it helps the formation of baby’s bones and keeps the body’s calcium level in the body normal.
In America, it is used to get rid of jaundice, and is also considered an effective remedy that increases blood clotting.The Chinese use it for digestive disorders, in India they treat diseases of the joints, the thyroid gland and are used as a diuretic.

What does alfalfa plant look like?

What does alfalfa plant look like?
This herbaceous wild-growing plant with bare, erect and highly branching stems, it is considered one of the most ancient cultures and represents the legume family. It has powerful roots, in the first year of life they reach 2-3 meters and then reach 10. Usually alfalfa reaches a height of 60 to 130-150 centimeters.
What all the alfalfa species look like can be seen in the photo, they differ from each other in the coloring of the flowers, as well as in the shape of the fruit. Yellow has rather small flowers of yellow shade, and alfalfa is characterized by white, pink and purple inflorescences.
The flowering period of this plant begins in early summer. In late summer - early autumn, fruits ripen, which are beans twisted in 5-7 turns with a large number of reniform seeds of yellow color with a green tinge.

How to sow alfalfa at home

How to sow alfalfa at home
Alfalfa refers to ground cover crops (green manure), which are considered green fertilizers and are very good for the soil.Before planting a plant, it is necessary to carry out the necessary pre-sowing work and plow the land well. Alfalfa is not particularly capricious, but it likes light, and also prefers drained and fertile soils of the type of chernozem, in marshy and rotten soils it develops poorly.
It is better to sow alfalfa in spring, but some of its species can be planted in the fall. By itself, this process is not complicated at all, you can use any method convenient for you.
How to sow alfalfa at home
Watering should be abundant, if the plant receives a sufficient amount of moisture, it will give an excellent harvest. But, as in any other action, the main thing here is not to overdo it and stick to the golden mean.
Alfalfa can easily do without fertilizers and fertilizing, but, nevertheless, their presence will significantly improve growth.
Recently, germinated seeds of alfalfa are becoming increasingly popular. Nutritionists say that its sprouts are very useful because they give our body its vitality.

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