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Can not conceive baby. How long do we have to wait for a "miracle"? Catherine (11/16/1984) and Denis (03/02/1985)


Hello, Catherine. Use more dairy products with your husband, red meat should be discarded for a certain time, drink more. You have very similar energetics, therefore they often repel each other, as two pluses, you need to spend more time together, create harmony. You need to go where there is a lot of sun, on some journey. This will definitely help!

a guest07.08.17 11:55

Thank you so much. Let's hope and believe))))

a guest13.12.17 18:01

Hello, 6-8 months is enough in the absence of problems with gynecology. I advise spa treatment on mud and inspection of pipes. and of course, faith, optimism, prayer and rest.

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