A Love Story: Wallis Simpson and Edward VIII

She is:American, daughter of a banker

Is he:king of great britain

Happy hours are not being watched ...

The story of the king, who parted with the throne for the sake of his beloved woman, began in November 1930, when the favorite of the Prince of Wales (the future Edward VIII) Telma Furnis invited the couple of rich American Simpsons to a country estate in Melton Mowbray, in Leicestershire. So the 36-year-old heir to the British throne met with 34-year-old Wallis Simpson. The American woman charmed him with her free way of holding herself, her ability to listen, sense of humor, love of travel, deep knowledge of topics such as politics, art, sports, and literature. The prince, according to the memories of Wallis, at first glance, she liked the lack of snobbery inherent in the aristocrats, and touched her heart with the pain of loneliness hidden in his eyes. Simpson guessed right: Edward lived in an atmosphere of constant prohibitions - a royal blood person can not drive a car quickly, get involved in gliding, participate in races so as not to cause harm to his health, and do much of what is available to his peers.

A Love Story: Wallis Simpson and Edward VIII

Easy flirting between a married American and a British prince quickly grew into a strong attraction, although until 1934 their romance remained platonic. On January 20, 1936, King George V, Edward's father, died, and the prince assumed the throne of succession. True, he did not stay long for King Edward VIII: on December 10 of that year, the newly made monarch signed the abdication for himself and his descendants, since the royal relatives, as well as the government of the country and many ordinary Britons did not approve of his desire to marry Mrs. Simpson. Her sins in the eyes of others were a precarious situation, a divorce (until merchant Simpson Wallace was the wife of the sea pilot Winfield Spencer) and open betrayal of her current husband. Wallis received a second divorce, and on June 3, 1937 in France, the couple exchanged wedding vows, which she kept 35 years before Edward left. None of the relatives at the marriage ceremony was present, but a notice was received from the new King of Great Britain, George VI, on conferring the title of Duke and Duchess of Windsor to the spouses.

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The act of Prince Edward is the only case of the voluntary abdication of the monarch from the throne in the history of Great Britain.The radio message he delivered on December 11, 1936, saying that he could not and did not want to give up his beloved woman for the sake of the privileges and duties of the king, listened to millions of people all over the world. The couple did not have children, and they devoted their free time to traveling, picnics and walks on a yacht, horseback riding, alpine skiing, pet care - Wallis loved dogs, going out.

A Love Story: Wallis Simpson and Edward VIII

In many European countries, the disgraced couple were received with great honor. Raising toasts for his wife, the Duke of Windsor called her his muse, mistress, soul mate and best friend, stressing that he had never regretted for what he had refused to be with her. The love story of Prince Edward and Wallis Simpson inspired the singer Madonna for a directorial debut. She made a feature film "WE. We believe in love ”(2011), telling that kings can do everything if they follow the voice of the heart.

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