A bit of tracing paper and a glass vessel turned into a charming thing.

The inviolability of family traditions. Numerous photos of the most touching moments, pleasant memories and family holidays. Here they are - the components of the family hearth, on which the weather in the house depends. There are among many traditions and such - to light candles in especially solemn occasions.

Lit tea lights

The secret to creating a family candle

Here it is a unifying element that can rally the family and make it stronger!

Glowing lights from our best bites
A way to make family photos glow! At the same time, the photos themselves will not suffer, and the images of relatives and close ones will not dissolve in the flame.

To create future relics you will need:

  • Photo;
  • parchment paper;
  • Printer;
  • glass container;
  • double sided tape.

Having picked up suitable photos, we transfer by means of the printer of the image to parchment paper.

Photos of Vellum

Canon Photo Printers
It is important to choose containers without embossed pattern and embossing.Everything will come in handy: from vases and glasses to ordinary cans.

Glass containers

First, crop the photo, adjusting it to the size of the selected container.

We glue to the container a strip of double-sided tape.

double stick on glass

Attaching a photo to the adhesive layer is a matter of technique.

Photos on the luminaries

If desired, this way you can combine multiple shots. The place of the joints can be additionally decorated or, on the contrary, to make the transition seamless.

Washi Tape on Luminary
The beauty of such candlesticks is that they look spectacular in the daytime. The sun rays falling on them make the images especially attractive.Lights on the windowsill from our best bites
For lighting, you can use both ordinary and scented candles.


Candle Lights
Decorated in such a way will be a great alternative to portraits in frames. In such a family corner, you can recreate the history of a single generation.

Lumany on the windowsill
Glowing family lights from our best bites
Glowing family pictures from our best bites

You can decorate this technique with candles of a family hearth for a wedding ceremony. A wonderful gift will be the miracle candlesticks for dear to the heart of people living separately.

Light and affordable glowing family photo Luminaries from our best bites.

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