8 most fashionable ways to wear a down jacket

For our latitudes, a down jacket is not a trendy thing or even winter clothing, but rather a cozy cocoon or “second house”, into which we hide in October and from which we reluctantly look out around about the beginning of April. And the fact that the down jacket in recent years - the star of the catwalks, does not cease to amuse sincerely. After all, before we wore down-padded jackets with short dresses and tights in the net, because we really wanted to dress up the coolest for a prom disco and quickly quickly go to school, before the knees had time to freeze. And now this, to put it mildly, eccentric state of affairs is called street style and is printed on glossy pages. Therefore, consider that advice on what to wear a down jacket, from those who have hardly encountered tangible frost, should not be initially taken as a guide to action. But after all, once again, to smile or maybe inspired by no one bothers us ...

With bodysuit and leather pants

After this, no one else dares to call the down jacket asexual clothing.The whole secret is that you just do not know how to "cook" it in an extravagant blend with bodysuit and leather pants.

8 most fashionable ways to wear a down jacket

Street style;Zara down jacket (6 999 rub.)

With a handkerchief a la babushka

Stella McCartney seemed to spy on the style of our workers and peasant women in the middle of the last century and took all the best right away: heavy boots, a nomenclature cage, a touching handkerchief and a down jacket resembling real military clothing from afar.

8 most fashionable ways to wear a down jacket

Stella McCartney, Fall-Winter 2017/2018;Uterque down jacket (25 990 rub.)

With sweat pants and mesh tights

It is better for aesthetes and conservatives not to look at this photo for a long time in order to avoid a sharp negative reaction. But the magazine Vogue, on the contrary, is not afraid of contrasts and publishes this picture in the collection of street style.

8 most fashionable ways to wear a down jacket

Street style;Bershka down jacket (2 599 rub.)

With golf and boots like a schoolgirl

Everything new is a long forgotten old. Rihanna not only knows what kind of songs to light school discos, but also knows how to dress them (hint: just like we did at the age of 15).

8 most fashionable ways to wear a down jacket

Fenty Puma by Rihanna, Autumn-Winter 2017/2018;Topshop down jacket (3 393 rub.)

With a white blouse and office pants

The most beautiful thing in this image is the completely unexpected presence of a down jacket. If there was a coat in his place or if he were at least buttoned up, no photographer would have taken a picture, and here we have a phoenix bird burning in flames,but in the form of outerwear.

8 most fashionable ways to wear a down jacket

Street style;H & M down jacket (3 499 rub.)

With clutch and jumpsuit

The photo is not quite a down jacket, but rather a quilted bomber jacket. But we would replace it with a down jacket plus, for a change, try this combination without sneakers, and with high black shoes with heels and large ornaments of yellow gold.

8 most fashionable ways to wear a down jacket

Street style;down jacket Mango (3 699 rub. on discount)

With a knitted dress

Since democratic brands have released a lot of girls down-padded coats - with ruffles, velvet, in pink, the idea with the dress comes by itself. Do not forget about the tight tights, warm shoes and a hat (just not as from the previous paragraph).

8 most fashionable ways to wear a down jacket

Street style;Uterque down jacket (25 990 rub.)

Like a poncho

As an option, especially for early autumn, the down jacket can be not fastened at all, even in the presence of a zipper or rivet, and make a cunning asymmetrical smell. If pins and brooches risk spoiling the material, a belt or ribbon will come to the rescue.

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