�8 adequate and 3 crazy ways to protect the child from the evil eye

What means should always be at hand from the evil eye.

Hearts on the face in Instagram. Tiny pin on clothes. A little holy water at hand. And the traditional red wool thread on the wrist.

�I specially bought a whole hank,� says friend Polina. - I chose the best wool to absorb all the negative with higher quality.

Now Polina with a huge ball of threads is a sponsor for all the surrounding young mothers of one hundred percent remedy for the evil eye (according to local forums and councils of newly-made grandmothers). Means how to protect the baby from the evil eye, will be typed under a hundred. Arsenal of moms - fighters against evil is endless: strings, mountain ash branches, nettle leaves, stones, pins, slander. We will understand where and how to wind, what and what to apply.

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Red wool thread

A way beyond competition. Someone wears it on her wrist, carried away by Kabbalah. Someone recalls the traditions of their ancestors, because the Slavs also used red wool as a talisman.If a loving person ties it to you or a child on the left wrist, then the thread will absorb bad energy. And when it overflows with evil, it will tear, or quietly fall from your hand.

If you choose this method - make sure that the thread is natural, that the baby is not allergic to it, that the dye is of high quality. Trim the ends, otherwise the child may choke on them. And always check that the thread does not fly off, does not break and does not turn out, as a result, in the child's mouth.

Holy water

Probably the most innocuous way to protect and SOS-help from the evil eye. True, if you use only the outside and be sure of the purity of the water itself. If the baby is naughty, wipe your brow with a cotton swab dipped in holy water. Did not help? Add some water while bathing. But to drink unboiled water, even if it is holy, is not worth it. From the evil eye, you can save it, but reward the baby with a bear disease.

By the way, the official church does not recognize neither the evil eye, nor damage, nor superstition, therefore, it does not recommend �curing� magic from holy water.

DIY toy

Our ancestors made special amulet toys for their children. Used for such dolls clothes of parents.They made them without a face and with great love. Not used in the process of manufacturing piercing-cutting objects, that is, no needles and scissors.

The baby should never part with the amulet toy: sleep with it, walk, eat and even bathe. Nowadays, the technique of making such dolls is sometimes taught in courses for pregnant women, so that mothers can go to the maternity hospital already fully armed. The evil eye can be a doctor or nurses.

For safety, always monitor the purity of the amulet toy, because dust, dried milk stains can �reward� your child with problems with the stomach, lungs and even delicate skin.

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Mother's doll, father's truck

If your parents have carefully preserved your toys in the mezzanine, consider yourself lucky. They have saved not just a memory, but a powerful amulet against the evil eye and damage for the grandchildren. The witches explain that this toy has the energy of a kind, which strengthens the relationship of the baby with the ancestors and neutralizes all the negative things coming from outside. The older such a toy, the more powerful the protection.

Of the minuses - only the purity of the object and the safety of the material. Some plastics do not pass the test of time and begin to emit no negative, but harmful substances.


Beautiful beads, a nice bracelet or a pin with natural stones will drive away evil spirits and bad messages of envious people from your kid. Among the most powerful "defenders" are called agate, cat's eye, tiger eye and moonstone. For reliability, you can collect all the stones in a single composition at once, some yes it will work.

But be careful not to leave your child alone with beads made of stones, because the baby may not even suspect that it is a guardian, and with pleasure �dine� with an unusual object.


Bad energy can also be driven away by a simple pin attached somewhere on the clothes. If for an adult this method is relatively safe, then the kid with his irrepressible desire to spin, run and jump can easily get hurt.

Garlic Talisman

You remember that vampires are fought with silver bullets, aspen stakes and garlic necklaces. Many mummies carefully tie a crushed garlic clove into gauze and hang around the neck of the babies. Probably, a real vampire on the way you will not meet, energy run away from the scent, but many doctors recommend during the season of the epidemic so nontrivial way to fight infections.For example, a nursing nurse recommended me to make an amulet of garlic for my daughter. I don�t know if garlic or immunity played a role, but so far we�re going to the polyclinic for monthly checkups without snot and coughing.

Garlic has its drawbacks. Some of the babies with a strong odor may develop an allergy. In addition, the smell irritates the mucous membrane. If fresh garlic juice gets on the skin, there is a chance of getting burned.

Blinds on the stroller

It�s easiest to catch a bad look or the envy of other moms for a walk. To do this, the witches recommend hiding your baby in a stroller behind the curtains. Hang a white tulle curtain on the hood - it will let the air through, and for bad energy the entrance to the stroller will be ordered.

Make sure that the curtain still lets air through. And so that after it he was not wet, especially in the cold.

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What to do in advance

- Seduce advise three months before the birth of the baby to limit your social circle. At this point, even the slender mommy can easily see the tummy. Someone might envy your interesting position.

- Make repairs in the apartment. According to beliefs, bad energy gladly lives in old wallpaper.

- A few weeks before the baby is born, invite a priest home, let him consecrate the apartment. If this is not possible, sprinkle the house with holy water and walk through the apartment with a church candle.

- If possible, do not take for the baby things that were in use. Try to plan your budget so that the diaper, blanket, cot and bath are new.

- Buy linen for bed linen, it has protective properties.

- At the head of the crib, hang a bunch or a branch of a mountain ash, they drive away bad energy.

- Limit the baby from communicating with your many friends. If they don't jinx it, they can easily infect the baby with the flu.

- Most often, wash the floor at home, the water perfectly cleans not only the room, but also the energy in it.

Bad advice

Sometimes moms want to protect the baby from the evil eye and damage come to absurd methods. Subject forums are literally teeming with strange tips. For example, do not look at your sleeping child and do not give it to anyone else. To wash with soap after each passing glance of a non-native person (skin problems are practically provided to such children).

�Before going to bed, lick the baby�s face four times, as if you are baptizing, and wipe it with the back of your hem� - this advice was published with the signature �Verified !!!�.

And the proposal to wipe the face of the baby with the wrong side of the mother�s underwear is no good at all. We all know perfectly well where the child comes from, but this is not a reason for the child to constantly remind about it. And the question of hygiene for every mother should come first.


Moms, remember, if your baby suddenly cries for a long time, it does not mean that they jinxed him. He may have teeth cut, a tummy ache, a head, a fever or just a bad mood. So crying is not a reason to reach for red thread and holy water, but a reason to consult a doctor.

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