7 mistakes that even good parents make

Perfect moms and dads in nature does not exist. And in order not to worry about any oversight, check out the list of the most frequent, which even the best of us sin.

1. Unleash anger

Raising children is not easy, so it is not surprising that parents sometimes lose their temper. Because they have a daunting task - to ensure the life and well-being of another person with a minimum of sleep. Of course, it is ugly to raise a child’s voice in public, but this is part of life. Try to keep such moments to a minimum, but do not worry too much if a bad word breaks sometimes from your mouth.

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2. Do not always adhere to the established hours of sleep

In an ideal world, children would go to bed at 8 pm, but for most parents this is an impossible dream. Although it is important to teach children to fall asleep at the same time, sometimes you can allow them to go to bed later. Spending pleasant moments together may be more useful than strict discipline.

3. We let the child out of the house without checking whether he took everything

Children grow up and must take care of their own things. Homework, flute lessons, baseball training and housework are all quite difficult and without a long list of things you need to remember to put in your briefcase. So do not be surprised if your child calls and asks you to bring up a maths task left on the table. It can happen to anyone.

4. We are sometimes allowed not to brush your teeth before bedtime.

Care of teeth is very important for young children, and any other parent or dentist will certainly tell you to make daily dental care a priority and regular visits to the doctor. All this is true, but if the child simply turned off before you got it with your toothbrush, is it worth it to wake him up?

5. Live the lives of their children

One of the greatest joys of parents is a child who wants to be like you when he grows up. Naturally, we all want our child to be the best footballer in a team or the first violin in an orchestra. Some parents try to fulfill their unrealized dreams through their children.There is nothing wrong with this, provided that you allow them to have both their own interests and their passions.

6. Do not bring punishment to the end

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As children grow up, we discipline them with such punishments as, for example, a ban on watching television for a week. At first we are determined to bring the punishment to the end, however, it turns out that it requires a lot of effort and energy. Therefore, we are not something that would put up with bad behavior, but just sometimes the seven-day ban is reduced to three days. And who will throw a stone at us during our employment?

7. We are eager to solve all their problems.

One of the most difficult tasks for parents is to see their child fail and do nothing. When they are very young, we rush to their crib with any grunting or help them to ride the bike after the first fall. But as they grow, solving the problems of growing children becomes harder. Sometimes it comes to letting them make mistakes so that they become good people. This is the most terrible, but absolutely necessary feeling in the world.

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