7 best screenings of Stephen King

On September 7, the film "It" is released on the famous novel by Stephen King, where seven teenage friends are experiencing a meeting with an eerie power that takes the image of the clown Pennyvize. As you know, in the novel, the story does not end with the childhood of heroes. Those grow up and only then close the painful gestalt, finally coping with the monster and their own fears. So after the premiere of the first part we are waiting for the second one, with the grown up heroes who left their hometown of Derry, but did not forget what happened to them. According to plans to shoot the second part, the film crew will start in 2018.

Initially, the creator of the "Real Detective" Cary Fukunaga took the project, but he did not meet in the vision of the material with the studio New Line Cinema. As a result, the movie was filmed by Andres Mousquetti, who stuffed his hand on the horror, working on a rather eerie picture of "Mama" with Jessica Chestane. It is worth paying attention to the operator: for the picture, Chon John-hoon, who has close cooperation with Pak Chang-uk ("Oldboy", "The Maids"), answers for the picture.

Who will play the Penny? This was one of the main intrigues of the project. Originally, the role of a monstrous clown was chosen by the young Briton Will Poulter, known for the role of a dumb teen from the comedy "We are Millers". According to the idea of ​​the creators of Pennyvise had to grow with his victims, so that the second part, most likely, would have a new Penny. However, with the transition of the project into the hands of Andres Musketti, the approach to the monstrous clown changed. In the end, it was played by the son of actor Stellan Skarsgard, Bill Skarsgård. Hopefully, all the horror and wrath of Pennyzay from the book will flow into Bill’s eyes.

Unfortunately, not all the film versions of Stephen King are good and not everyone is satisfied with the "king of horrors". "It" King looked in the spring and tweeted: "Remake Andy Mousquetti" It "(in fact, this is Part 1 - Club Losers) exceeded all my expectations. Relax. Wait. And enjoy. ” While we are waiting for the film that Stephen King liked, we recall other (good) film versions of his works.


The painting of Stanley Kubrick in 1980 is a time-tested horror masterpiece. The hero of Jack Nicholson wanders through the labyrinths of the hotel, gradually goes mad and chases with an ax for his family. Regarding the "Shine", Stephen King tirelessly insists that he does not like the film.And the main character was supposed to play, according to the writer, a person who at first looks like a normal person, and then like a madman, and does not immediately look like a madman. However, the "Shine" viewers love, watch and recognize one of the greatest paintings in the history of cinema.


The very first, classic Carrie, filmed by Brian De Palma two years after King wrote the novel, in 1976. Carrie - not the most popular girl in school - lives with her mother pushed. One day, teenage hooliganism will bring Carrie to a state where she no longer wants to hold back and start throwing things. At this point, it's best to stay away from the school hall where the graduation party is held. Teenage drama becomes mystical horror, but does not lose the main line of maturation of the main character. In the role of Carrie White is very young Sissy Spacek.


For the work in the film of Rob Reiner "Misery" (1990), the starring actress Keti Bates received an Oscar. Her character, Annie Wilkes, is a big fan of the books of the writer Paul Sheldon (James Caan). By chance, the author is visiting his fan, and it will soon become clear that the dear woman in love with his books is a psycho and a sadist.

Dolores Clayborn

Psychological drama about the relationship of mother and daughter, about child injuries and violence, about tricks that ejects memory, about a difficult moral choice and the mother's duty to protect your child.

Stephen King was so impressed with Katie Bates in the movie “Misery” that he wrote “Dolores Clayborn” specifically for her. The director of the film, released in 1995, was Taylor Hackford.

"The Shawshank Redemption"

Banker Andy Dufrein, accused of murdering his wife and her lover, finds himself in Shoushenk prison, where it is not clear who is worse: prisoners or guards.

Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman played one of their best roles in Frank Shinny's Escape from the Shawshank. In this movie there is no horror and mysticism. But it shows how kindness, intelligence and inner core help to survive in any world, even in such a harsh as the prison.

"Green Mile"

The film Frank Darabont made even the most hardened cynic cry. Huge African American John Coffey is accused of murder and rape of little girls. With the appearance of the condemned to death, Coffey in prison, amazing miracles begin to occur that change the life of the warden Paul (Tom Hanks).

Mercedes Mr.

Quite a fresh series (directed by Jack Bender, showrunner Edward Kelly) based on the eponymous detective novel by Stephen King with the great Brendan Gleason in the lead role.

Gleason plays a policeman retired Hodges, who takes up the old case, after all, a maniac nicknamed Mr. Mercedes, crashed into a car in a crowd of people, reminds himself of sending strange messages to Hodges.

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