6 cool books that can be read in two hours

When there is no time at all, but I want to learn something new, train my brain or go on a fantastic adventure, books from our collection will help.

These books can be read in the subway, when you go from home to work. Or, at worst, at home a couple of hours before bedtime. And you can be sure that the time allotted for reading will be wasted!

Healthy eating questions and answers

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Publisher "Alpina".

A book that you can start reading from any page. Just because it contains over 500 answers to questions that cover all areas of nutrition. You open, look for a question that gives you peace of mind, read the answer, learn new things, apply them in life. The authors did their best: the book contains hundreds of scientific facts and references to research, while clearly and clearly described the basics of nutrition, a balanced diet, diets and stereotypes.

Who is the book for?For everyone who was on a diet at least once in his life, he lost a few kilograms, and then gained twice as much.

Why do we do this

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Publisher "Alpina".

World bestseller, which helped tens of thousands of people to become happier, and finally appeared with us. The book teaches you to be yourself and not be afraid of it. It contains 76 effective strategies for adults, adolescents and children. It is these strategies identified by psychologists that make it possible to understand what you really want from life, to deal with goals in business and relationships, as well as help in the education of children and self-realization.

Who is the book for?For those who feel that they are not living their lives.

Ken ken

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Publishing house "Eksmo."

This is not an ordinary book, rather - an intelligent simulator. Yes, you can train not only in the gym, but also sitting on the couch with a book in your hands. It's simple. KenKen is a Japanese brain training system that is becoming more and more popular all over the world. Before you is a grid with numbers and icons of four arithmetic operations. It is necessary to fill the grid so that the rows and columns contain the full set of numbers, but neither in the rows nor in the columns they are repeated. However, in a box surrounded by a thick line, the numbers can be repeated.But most importantly, by arithmetic, you need to get the number indicated in the upper left corner of the block. Usually tasks are performed on time. The most dexterous and trained can click such puzzles in a minute.

What is this all for? For clarity of thinking, for sharpness of mind and self-confidence. And for wisdom. After all, it is not for nothing that Kenken from Japanese is translated as “wise in a square.”

Who is the book for?For anyone who does not want to lose clarity of mind

100 ways to change life

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Publishing house "MIF".

The book is a motivator with inspiring stories, authoring techniques and a solid portion of motivation in order to dramatically change life for the better, turning it 180 degrees. Do not believe that this is possible? Easily. After all, the author of the book, Larisa Parfentieva, herself went through this, leaving her unloved work and starting life from scratch. Now it's your turn.

Who is the book for?For anyone who is looking for an answer to the questions "Where to start?" And "How to move to a new level?"

Art of breathing

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Publishing house "MIF".

We breathe 22 thousand times a day. 22 thousand breaths. How many of them do we do consciously? The question is baffling, isn't it? Breath for thousands of years was considered a tool that helps to fight stress, chaos and confusion of thoughts.How? The author answers this question in the book, where simple exercises for breathing are collected. Nothing complicated: just a conscious breath, exhalation, which guarantee clarity of mind and calm.

Who is the book for?For anyone who wants to reduce stress and live consciously every moment.

Well of Wishes

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Clever Publishing.

The art book, which is read in one breath. The world of desires, which delays. An adventure that is remembered. Mysticism, fantasy, detective, - all this is in the book. And the plot is based on the ordinary life of people who are trying to find their place in the world and decide what is good and what is bad. But they did not understand that any desire has several sides, including a secret one, which is not always aware of the one who expresses this desire.

Who is the book for?For those who want to escape from everyday worries and plunge into the unusual world of desires and adventures.

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