6 brands of swimsuits that are worth paying attention to

As soon as the need to purchase a swimsuit becomes acute, and you do not want to spend a lot on this "vacation" thing, first of all the famous underwear mass-market brands come to mind first of all. But only the assortment of the latter, even at a really attractive price, is disappointing: for some reason most inexpensive swimsuit brands are lazy to "reinvent the bicycle" and from the season to season duplicates the same models - multicolored "triangles", black pool swimsuits and swimwear push up with lurid tropical prints. And what if you want something extraordinary, special, well, or at least not like everything else? We selected six not very well-known swimsuit brands, which surprise with design and price.


Swimsuits Maaji - our recent and very pleasant find in the beachwear segment. There is a brand since 2002, swimwear makes in Colombia,and the assortment covers the whole family - from small children to adults (for men, a whole army of colorful shorts), including not only “ordinary” swimsuits, but also sports, and closed ones - for those who do not like to be in the sun. This season there are two models in the novelties - a color block swimsuit and a swimsuit-top with woven straps on the back, and the constant hits of the collection are sleek swimsuits with holographic prints that you want to consider for a long time.

Maaji Swimsuit

Maaji swimsuit (8 600 rub.)


California-based brand RVCA to street style clothing at the intersection of alternative skate and surf aesthetics. As for the collection of swimsuits, in size it can be compared with a full-fledged collection of clothes; however, most of the models are focused on the same fashion trend (by the way, a very seductive one) - lacing and cuts, which adorn every second swimsuit.

Swimsuit RVCA

Swimsuit RVCA (6 500 rub.)


Salinas has Brazilian roots, which is not difficult to guess from the design of swimsuits. Prints Salinas choose the most that are motley and exotic, but made with modern taste, and not in the style of Hawaiian shirts from the 90s.In such a bright swimsuit, I want to urgently go to some picturesque tropics far from civilization and by all means try surfing - for this business, by the way, the brand also has warmed swimsuits, but not at affordable prices.

Salinas Swimsuit

Salinas swimsuit (7 100 rubles)


The Australian brand MINKPINK does not focus on beachwear, but the swimsuit models are somehow magically more interesting and diverse than those of specialized brands. MINKPINK is experimenting not only with colors, but with swimsuit shapes, and each model has its own memorable detail - this is either a knitted border, or the intricate straps on the back, or ruffles, or even perforation. In general, the designers of this brand, creating swimsuits, obviously do not save on inspiration.

 Swimsuit MINKPINK

Swimsuit MINKPINK (2 700 rub.)

adidas by Stella McCartney

From the collaboration of Stella McCartney and adidas, not only stylish and bright sportswear came out, but also a very sexy micro-line of swimsuits (micro, because every season there are only 3-4 models available). Swimsuits are also sport-oriented, but they look damn seductive not only on Olympic swimmers,and you can choose between the fused models with an open back and a tiger print and separated from the material under the neoprene.

Adidas by Stella McCartney One Piece

Adidas by Stella McCartney swimsuit (5 500 rubles)


The Seafolly brand confirms once again that the most memorable beachwear brands are still based in Australia, but, as in the case of Seafolly, are sold all over the world. The range of Seafolly covers everything that has happened in the trends of beach fashion lately: from black swimsuits with sexy cut-outs and ethnic prints to sporty minimalism, knitted swimsuits and even denim swimsuits.

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