40 things of Soviet life that you still have at home

Incredibly, they also work!

The era of the Soviet Union has long sunk into oblivion. The XXI century is in the courtyard, and modern housewives use gadgets in everyday life almost more complicated than the Vostok-1 ship, in which Gagarin conquered space. But no. Until now, in any apartment you can find one or another thing of the USSR, which serves its owners faithfully.

Silverware, salt shakers and containers for bulk products, porcelain figurines and cups, Christmas toys and sewing machines. It seems these items will never be demolished. My friend still prefers the electric iron of Made in USSR. Heaped modern irons break every other time, and this one, released in 1983, is as good as new. Coffee made in the Soviet manual coffee grinder seems tastier, and tin cans with a bottle opener are still being produced.

Woman’s Day went to inspect the apartments of friends and acquaintances in search of things from the times of the USSR and found what he did.

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