20 items in the house that give out bad taste

Now you can’t forget bad taste in the absence of diversity, as it was, for example, in Soviet times. Now your interior is a mirror in which you can see something that may not be obvious to you at all. And it does not matter, their housing or removable.
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1. Magnets on the fridge

People with good taste will not veil the technique with this ceramic madness. In addition to bad taste, it is also a desire to demonstrate your viability, the ability to travel. It is still good that you only hang out your own ones, and there are those who “travel” along with colleagues, acquaintances, and so on. If travel memories are dear to you, put your wealth in a box and indulge in occasional memories.

2. Plastic buckets from under mayonnaise under garbage

In fact, all the rubbish should be hidden out of sight. Ideally, it should be taken out more often than once a day. But what to do when, it seems, there wasn’t enough accumulation of it in order to bear it, but it’s necessary to put it somewhere.And here come to the aid of various disposable plastic containers and our favorite buckets from under mayonnaise. And there is nothing bad in it, they turn into an enemy only when they are lined up somewhere in the washing area. Remove it under it, and the problem will be solved.

3. Washable plastic bags

You say, well, who does that? It turns out that there are such. For example, my former mother-in-law rinsed all the bags out of the food and carefully hung them on the battery! And absolutely, by the way, not because of concern for the environment, and even the savings here are dubious. Just a habit from the past, when there were no bags in such quantities as now.

5. Carpet on the wall

And not only on the wall. In general, an abundance of carpet gives out your provincial roots. Carpets performed many functions - and decorative, and heat, and noise insulation. Now we cope with everything in completely different ways, but our passion for carpets is ineradicable. Surely, your parents still vacuum them every Saturday, and in winter there is even a ritual of carrying the carpet out to the snow. And clean, clean, clean. And then they gladly set the carpet in place (instead of taking it to the dustbin).

4.Boiled water in an iron mug

Oh, this is a two-liter mug with a white sediment on the bottom! But how much by the way she was in childhood. Water was poured from the kettle into it to cool it. Happened, you will run up from the walk heated and half a liter of water you drink at once. Now, of course, the water in any containers, except for a neat decanter, looks rough. A mug is still nothing, but many still have the habit of pouring water from a kettle into a three-liter jar ...

6. Horns

Brown elks are in the hallway ... Multifunctional, by the way, the thing is to hang a hat or keys. And it is better to give them back to the elk.

7. Photo wallpaper

During the deficit, we basically rejoiced, if we could just buy wallpaper. And what was depicted on them was not so important. Everyone wanted beauty, but in the end it turned out motley absurdity. But in any case, wallpaper - it was cool, but now is not very.

8. Oilcloth on the table

Poppies, chamomiles, cups ... How many of them were different in our life. Shabby on weekdays, with knife marks (“Cut it on the board, how many times I told you!”), And on holidays they put on an elegant piece of cloth. And on a holiday, a holiday on top of it is also a cloth tablecloth - apparently, with the intention that if compote is spilled on the tablecloth, it will not spoil the table.It is better not to cover the table at all, of course, but to each lay a small napkin of cloth or bamboo.

9. Newspaper instead of shoe mats

Ugly, but practical! In the offseason, he took off his shoes, took off his dirty shoes, and threw out a newspaper. I want to exclaim: “Well, why? When there is such a variety of pallets and rugs. In general, do not read newspapers, so that there is no temptation to somehow use them then for other purposes.

10. Dishes on a towel

This is about the same as discussed in the previous paragraph. There are special trays that absorb mats. Yes, and the dryer in the kitchen cabinet is exactly for this purpose and intended.

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11. Curtain on the doorway

Like carpets, curtains also had their own function besides decorative. They protected the house from a draft because the door was wooden and did not fit tightly to the opening. And in the warm season of the flies. It hardly bothers you right now, right?

12. Wet rag on the doorstep

Washed the floors and so I want to carefully lay out a rag. How can you imagine her wet - straight goosebumps! Stop, we do not go to the piglet to feed the pigs. You can just wash your boots immediately.

13. Patch circles on the chair

Oh, this is our ineradicable love for carpets and rugs! There is nothing bad in the patchwork canvases themselves - they are cute and cozy. So throw it at the threshold (instead of the very wet rag).

14. Calendar

He has a place near the desktop and preferably in the office. But you can not hang it in the kitchen, in the living room and anywhere else.

15. Detergent in original packaging

It's just ugly: plastic with bright inscriptions spoils your kitchen. Pour the detergent into a glass jar with dispenser. And it is more convenient to wash it, and the aesthetic side of your home will not suffer.

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