14 signs that your husband is perfect

And although recently we are increasingly hearing about divorces, however, true love also exists. And these points are proof of that.

If you, looking at the husbands of girlfriends, sigh that, well, your disappointment is a little, then look at our list. And, perhaps, you will finally stop looking for your ideal and realize that it is in front of you!

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Your first night was unforgettable.

It doesn't matter if you had fantastic sex the first night after the wedding or if you were tired, you just fell into a pile of tulle and gifts. No matter how this night passed, you felt absolutely happy, but even more joyful from sharing this moment with your chosen one.

You had a month of relaxation

That is what many couples call honeymoon. And whatever you do during this period, you once again strengthened your choice and would be ready to marry this person again.

You are equal partners

No matter how you distribute responsibilities in the family, they will be equal. For example, he does not expect you to perform purely "female" duties, just as you will not even think of reproaching him for not paying attention to "male" ones.Instead, you discuss the situation and find a solution together.

You feel hot when you think about your husband

If you are disturbed by one thought that this handsome man is your spouse, then you are on the right track. The main thing is to receive positive emotions about marriage and periodically feed your passion.

You feel much better next to him

You can do anything and even move mountains when you are close to your spouse. His confidence is transferred to you too, so there is nothing that you cannot do. The feeling of his closeness makes you stronger. And that's great.

You can't imagine how your life would be without him

Really! Many of my friends of the couple claim that they do not think of life for themselves without their halves and do not even imagine (and do not want to imagine) their lives without this person. He just is, and the point.

You are proud of him

You look at his achievements and feel a sense of pride. It doesn't matter what he did, but you have absolute certainty that he does it better than others. And you are happy to demonstrate his skills to your friends and relatives.

You are melting from his one glance

And let this look is not always sexy (although this is not excluded), but so amazing. You feel that your husband admires you and is also proud. And it really gets.

You are not trying to change each other

If both of you decided to marry, then you knew what (or for whom) you were going. According to psychologists, you can not make a cat out of a cat. In other words, if you married a shy person who prefers to spend evenings at home, do not try to make him the soul of a company that no party can do without. Therefore, you just accept your spouse as he is, and it seems to you to be sweet.

You openly discuss sexual topics.

You are well together, and you can openly talk about sex, or rather, about your preferences and fantasies. Moreover, you like to embody these fantasies together and try something new. And it is never boring.

Can you trust him

You are confident in him as in yourself and tell him everything. And you know that this information will not leak to the masses simply because it would not even occur to him to discuss your problems with someone else. You are one.

He overcomes adversity with you

Life is an unpredictable thing, and it’s very important that there is a person next to you who will not give up in a difficult situation. No matter what could happen, he will give his shoulder and will go with you this way to the end.

You have the same views on children

For example, if you do not want children, and the husband dreams of three sons, then, alas, sooner or later it will lead to divorce. But when both spouses are looking in the same direction and already know exactly how many heirs they would like (if they wanted) to have and equally share responsibilities for raising children, then this relationship definitely has a future.

Family life was the best continuation of the novel

Many spouses admit that they were cautiously resolved to formalize the relationship, but now, looking back, we are confident that family life has made the relationship even brighter and richer, even though they lived together for a while before the wedding.

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