12 most beautiful and trendy coats for spring

If you have nothing to wear, as soon as you remove the fur coat or down jacket, rather study our review and go shopping for a new demi-season coat. We have collected the best options that you can buy right now.

Berry Coat

Color therapy, according to psychologists, is one of the most powerful weapons in the fight against depression. Do not limit yourself to the choice of accessories, swipe at something global, for example, outerwear. The coat of a juicy berry shade will create a spring mood, and even refresh the tone of the face and tell everyone around that you are not afraid of change. Pay attention to the coat of all shades of pink, from light to fuchsia. You can wear it with business suits, as well as with jeans or romantic silk dresses. Want to be in a trend - combine a pink coat with things in the same color scheme, but in other shades: for example, an interesting combination will turn out with a cherry. The only thing that can damage the image - black shoes, it is better to choose something of a light shade, for example, coffee or beige.

12 most beautiful and trendy coats for spring

Coat Zara (12 599 rub.)Daria Bardeeva coat (62 900 rub.)

Coat with a print

Surely you have already noticed one pattern: everything is cyclical in fashion, and even prints. At first they appear on clothes, then gradually switch to accessories and a little later to outerwear. This season there are two noticeable trends at once: the first is the presence of various patterns, for example, geometric ones in the spirit of the 60s, floral and animalistic (yes, we wear the leopard for a long time, and now it is also fashionable); the second is not exactly about the print, it is embroidery and applications that can be on the back, on the sleeves, and anywhere. A boring solution for the most daring! And it is exactly such a coat that will look great in combination with sneakers or massive boots.

12 most beautiful and trendy coats for spring

Coat Zara (9 999 rub.)coat Mango (15 999 rub.)

Coat with an unusual sleeve

Particular attention this season is paid to the sleeves. They will demonstrate how knowledgeable you are in fashion trends and how long have you updated your wardrobe. The key criterion is unusual. So, the sleeves, narrow to the elbow and flared to the wrist, with wings, wide flared, and also very long, possibly with cuffs, are popular. If you do not like these options, pay attention to models in the style of color blocks or from combined materials, when the sleeves are different from the coat with a cloth or color.

12 most beautiful and trendy coats for spring

Coat Harris Wharf London (17 600 rub.)Topshop coat (£ 129)


Did not find a coat with an unusual sleeve - buy a sleeveless. This could be a joke if it were not for the excessive popularity of the caps. In early spring, a cape coat can be combined with lightweight down jackets, and when it gets warmer, wear it yourself. Depending on the choice of colors and decor options, this coat is suitable for creating both dramatic images and everyday ones.

12 most beautiful and trendy coats for spring

Cape Ted Baker (£ 199)Cape 8 (4 830 rub.)

Long coat

Not only fashionable, but also practical: under the bottom you can wear the most extremely short skirt and not be afraid of the views of passersby. What should I look for? On the model of a straight cut, “cocoon” style or under the belt. You can wear such clothes with jeans, dumplings, and combination dresses, and trouser suits. And do not forget about the color: black and beige - this is yesterday, now the trend is white or prints.

12 most beautiful and trendy coats for spring

Joseph Coat (50 630 rub.)MSGM coat (£ 208)

Double breasted coat

And where without a favorite model? Short coats that look like a pea coat (pay attention to brass buttons, stripes, laces, khaki or dark blue), and long ones that resemble an overcoat are also relevant, including in bright colors - bright red, yellow or green.

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