100 Watt light with your own hands

Powerful super bright LED light sources have become popular and available now. The advantages of LEDs are that their service life is much longer - up to 20,000 hours, rather than 1000 hours like ordinary incandescent bulbs. Also, LED modules consume much less electricity, and shine several times brighter than ordinary lamps. You can buy such LEDs in specialized stores. We bought a 100W LED module and decided to make a powerful flashlight for walking on dark winter evenings.

We need

  • -A small piece of sewer pipe with a socket 110 mm in diameter. and about 250 mm long. and also a cap on the socket.
  • -Lithium Ion batteries (You can take it from old batteries from a laptop or phone).
  • -A cooling fan (you can take from a processor from a computer.
  • -Controller for lithium-ion batteries YH11047A.
  • -Impressive converter from 10-32 V to 12-35 V.
  • - Lens for focusing the light flux.
  • -100W LED LED module.
  • - Voltmeter with audible signal.
  • -Switches, buttons,etc ...
Do-it-yourself 100-watt flashlight

Making a powerful 100-watt flashlight

Let's start with the LED module. Apply thermoplastic to the LED.
100 Watt lantern with your own hands
We install it on a cooling radiator, I use cooling from an old video card. We fasten the module from 4 sides with screws (if you do not have holes, they can be easily drilled and the screws are screwed, they will make the thread themselves.)
100 Watt lantern with your own hands
Cut off part of the plug from the socket of the same size as the cooling radiator. This will give us the opportunity to install a radiator with an LED in the socket of the pipe and close the lid tightly.
Do-it-yourself 100-watt lantern
Making holes in the cover for lenses and screws, and air vents.
100 Watt lantern with your own hands
Install the lens in its place and fasten with screws with rubber washers.
Do-it-yourself 100 Watt lantern
To make it comfortable to hold a torch,fasten the handle of the old locker.
100 Watt lantern with your own hands
The electrical part of the lantern consists of modules. The main module YH11047A monitors the state of charge on the batteries, instead you can also use any other BMS on 4S. The voltage from the controller comes to a powerful 150W. boost converter. For convenience, in order to be able to adjust the brightness of the LED, we replace the built-in construction potentiometer with a large one to fix it on the housing. On the output of the converter we connect the LED module. To monitor the voltage on the batteries, we will use a voltmeter with an audible signal, which beeps when there is a low voltage on the battery.
Do-it-yourself 100-watt flashlight
We took the batteries from the old iPhone 5, 24pcs. which connected to 6 pcs. in parallel to increase capacity and consistently among themselves to increase the voltage, we obtained an assembly of 4s6p. Batteries can be taken from old laptop batteries.
Do-it-yourself 100-watt lantern
Making holes in the case for control buttons: indicators,switches ...
Do-it-yourself 100-watt lantern
We assemble the electrical modules into one node so that it is convenient to install everything into the case. We isolate the modules and ensure that there is no short circuit anywhere.
Do-it-yourself 100-watt lantern
Everything is assembled on the old iPhone 6+ case, at the corners of which we screwed the modules to the main tube with corners. We also install the control buttons and glue the socket to charge the flashlight with hot melt.
Do-it-yourself 100-watt lantern
At the back, install the fan and fasten it with ties. The air will cool the electrical modules, and the radiator of the LED, passing through the entire pipe. If possible, we install protection on the fan blades ...
Do-it-yourself 100-watt lantern
To better fix the LED, fasten the heatsink to the body on the sides.
Do-it-yourself 100-watt flashlight


During the test of the flashlight, we got 2 glow modes: the first as we planned with a lens, a beam of light shines far and brightly and easily illuminates the edges of trees, also from the 9th floor illuminates the ground,light beam more than 30m. When we switched on the flashlight without the lens, the whole area around us was lit by scattered light as in the day, but it shines in that case not far, about 10m. You also need to be careful not to blind anyone.

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