10 of the fastest animals in the world

Some animals can develop stunning speed. But among them there are the fastest.

Top 10 fastest animals in the world:

  1. In the first place ranking "runner" out of competition -cheetah. This animal is unique, as it can accelerate in seconds to 100-120 kilometers per hour, and this is the speed of the car! But how does a cheetah do it? His body seems to be created for running, because it is streamlined and stretched, like a sports car body. The paws are long and very powerful, the head is small, so it does not create resistance to airflow. In addition, the body weight is also relatively small (it is about 50 kilograms), so this representative of the fauna seems to float through the air. And it is this that allows him to hunt the prey, feed and survive in extreme conditions.
  2. Wildebeest. These animals are often attacked by lions, but, fortunately, they run faster than predators, which allows them to survive (although not always). The maximum speed can reach 80-90 kilometers per hour.And this is quite a lot, given the impressive size and weight of the beast. Thus, the growth is about 1.5 meters, and weight - 200 kilograms. By the way, it feeds on the Gnu antelope exclusively by plants, and it is during their absorption that lions start hunting on them.
  3. Pronghornor horned antelope is often attacked by the fastest animals - cheetahs. And therefore it is simply vital to run fast. Such an animal can develop a speed of up to 115 kilometers per hour, but this is not all achievements. Also the windhorn perfectly jumps: on two meters in height and on 5-6 meters in length. And such opportunities are provided for the peculiarities of the structure of the organism. For example, the horned antelope has a large heart and a powerful trachea, which allows for rapid blood circulation and uninterrupted breathing.
  4. GazelleIs not only a very beautiful and graceful animal, but also one of the fastest in the world. It can accelerate at short distances up to 90-110 kilometers. Moreover, the gazelle is famous for its endurance, which often helps it to escape from the pursuit of predators. And when running for long distances, it can move at a speed of about 50-60 kilometers per hour.And this gazelle is given quite easily, because the legs are well developed, and the weight is small - up to 30 kilograms. Such animals usually live in herds.
  5. Greyhound dog. Surprisingly, the dog was included in the list, and quite deservedly, because the breed was originally created specifically for hunting, so high speed is a must. It can reach 90 kilometers, and during short runs it is usually in the range of 55-65 km / h. It is worth noting that there are about 20 species of breed, and among them there are especially fast. But the most speedy and hardy - this is undoubtedly the Russian greyhound. Her muscles are perfectly developed, her body is perfectly folded. But such a dog with all its capabilities can be a great friend of man.
  6. Zebra. If some animals can hide from predators, disguising themselves in the grass or thickets, then the color of the zebra (by the way, it is different for different individuals, although it seems almost identical) gives it almost immediately. So the only chance for salvation is to run, and fast. Fortunately, the nature of this animal has endowed this feature, and it can at a short distance develop a speed reaching 80 km / h. And zebras are very smart.For example, they live in herds and even build families, much like people. And while walking, watering, resting or eating food, some individuals play the role of guards and warn others about the approaching danger.
  7. Horse. The average speed of this beautiful animal with intelligent eyes is about 60-65 kilometers per hour. But as people breed all new breeds, some qualities improve, including speed. In 2008, a record was set, and then the horse was able to accelerate to 87 kilometers per hour. By the way, such animals are the only representatives of the horse family belonging to the group of ungulates. Since ancient times, they have been domesticated, and today the domestic horse is considered a separate subspecies.
  8. Brown hareOften becomes a victim of predators, so I have to constantly live in extreme conditions. But nature itself helps it to survive. Firstly, he is very attentive and knows how to hide in case of danger. Secondly, it can develop a high speed, reaching 80 kilometers per hour (the average is 50-60). Thirdly, the hare is hardy, sometimes the reason for its salvation is the weariness of the pursuer, who simply can not keep running.Fourthly, such an animal is cunning: it can run from side to side and confuse a predator, eventually breaking away from it and hiding.
  9. a lion- The real king of beasts. And its speed corresponds to such an unspoken title: it can reach 80 kilometers per hour, and the lionesses run faster, they also hunt more often (by the way, that is why their mane is not developed, because it would hinder to hunt and disguise). It is worth noting that the lion is almost the largest "participant" in the rating, its weight can reach 250 kilograms. Lions can hunt in groups, tracking, chasing, and then chasing and overtaking the victim. Surprisingly: these animals have the smallest heart compared to other predators.
  10. Coyote- This is a wolf. Its speed during the pursuit of victims can reach 60-70 kilometers. Such a predator feeds mainly on small rodents, ground squirrels, hares, ferrets, beavers, and sometimes birds and even insects. In addition, the coyote can dive, swim well and fish and even frogs. In the fall, the wolf is content to eat fruits and berries. In general, this beast is completely unpretentious and omnivorous, most likely, this is what helps it to survive.

The speed of these animals is impressive, isn't it?

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