10 most expensive sculptures in the world

The world of art is deep and fascinating, the creators of the whole world create thousands of creations every day, however, only a few of them become real masterpieces, which with amazing speed are glorified to the whole world. Today we will talk about sculpture, namely, those works that are today recognized as the most expensive in the world.

In May of this year, Christie’s was held in New York, where every imaginable and inconceivable record was broken - the sculpture of the famous Swiss master Alberto Giacometti was bought for 141 million US dollars!

And this is by as much as 40 million more than the price of the previous record, which, by the way, was a sculpture of the same master. So, for what famous collectors of the whole world are ready to pay such impressive sums? Let's get acquainted with the top 10 most expensive sculptures in the world, which today are in such high demand.

  1. "Pointing Man"

The sculpture of the famous Alberto Giacometti, which was created in 1947 and left the last auction Christie’s for 141 million dollars. By the way, the “Pointing Man” is one of six existing statues of this kind that were created in one time period.

The name of the buyer who made such an impressive purchase is not disclosed at the moment, however, it is known that his former owner acquired a creation of 180 cm high, according to the author's intentions, symbolizes the loneliness and insecurity of human existence.

  1. "Walking Man I"

The cult work of the same author, which is considered the most recognizable among the sculptures of the last century. Before the “Pointing Man” was also considered the most expensive, in 2010 she appeared at the auction for the first time in the last 20 years. Bidding lasted only 8 minutes, during which time the price of creation increased five times, after which it was sold to the widow of Brazilian banker Lily Safra.

  1. "For the love, gentlemen"

This sculpture is a bright representative of modern art - a slightly reduced copy of the skull of a European man of the 18th century. The whole skull is decorated with small diamonds (about 8.5 thousand in all), holes for which were cut with a laser, real teeth inserted, and a huge pink diamond weighing 52.4 carats burns in the forehead.The glamor skull cost the creator 14 million euros, and in 2010 went under the hammer for 100 million dollars.

  1. "Head"

One of the most famous works of the artist and sculpture Amadeo Modigliani (1910), which is still compared with the famous bust of Nefertiti. The “head” strongly resembles all Modigliani's work and has all the characteristic features: an elongated oval face, a long thin nose, almond-shaped eyes and a small mouth. A famous creation was purchased by a collector in 2010 at an auction in Paris for 59.5 million.

  1. "A dog from balloons"

The minimalist sculpture of Jeff Koons, which masterfully embodies the feeling of weightlessness and airiness, despite the fact that the entire creation is a ton at a height of three meters. The orange dog was made of stainless steel, it was one of five such "air" dogs of the author. It was sold at auction for 55 million dollars, the rest of the creations sold at a lower price.

  1. "Lioness Guenola"

The eight-centimeter limestone figurine was created about 5,000 years ago, and was found only in the middle of the last century. The creation of an unknown master of ancient Mesopotamia for a long time belonged to a famous collector from America, however, in 2007 it was sold at a New York auction for 29.1 million dollars.

  1. "Diego's Big Head"

Another work by Alberto Giacometti, created in 1954, is true, unfinished, due to the death of the author himself. The bronze statue is an image of his younger brother Giacometti, who, by the way, was one of the author’s favorite characters for inspiration and creativity. It was sold in 2013 for $ 50 million.

  1. "Nude female figure from the back IV"

Included in the series "Standing with your back to the viewer", on which the sculptor Henri Matisse worked, is considered one of the greatest creations of modernist sculpture of the last century. The height of the figure is 183 cm, and the weight is about 270 kg. It was originally estimated at $ 25 million, but was bought out at Christie’s for $ 48.8 million.

  1. "Madame L.R."

Created by the legendary sculptor of Romanian origin, Konstantin Brakusi, who lived in Paris for about 35 years. "Madame L. R." is considered one of his most interesting and famous works, a wooden figurine was created by the authors in the 10s of the last century. In 2009, it was put up for auction, where it was sold for 37.2 million American dollars, becoming part of the collection of the famous couturier Yves Saint Laurent.

  1. "Tulips"

Another creation of modern art - a sculpture made of stainless steel is a bouquet of seven intertwined colors that resemble balloons.Tulips were sold in 2012 for 33.7 million casino owner Steve Winn.

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