10 daily beauty habits that will turn you into an old lady

Do you support your face with your hands and use samplers in the store? Find out what will happen to your skin.

Making these actions, we do not even think about the harm that we get from them. And if it’s impossible to sleep face down on a pillow, because wrinkles may appear, girls seem to remember and try not to do it more, then we know almost a dozen more habits that we should forget about.

So, do not ...

... prop chin

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In this position, the skin is stretched and stretched, respectively, early wrinkles appear. In addition, dirty hands can cause infection in the pores that threatens unplanned pimples. And the support under the jaw provokes the previous point - bruxism.

Another negative consequence of this habit: from the fact that the hand is in a bent state, ugly wrinkles-wrinkles are gradually formed on the wrist from the back side.

... crush acne

Almost all girls during puberty, mother forbade crush acne. Those who have not mastered this capital wisdom in childhood are continued to be hammered by cosmetologists into their heads. Maybe it's time to give up. Both mother and cosmetologist simply do not want you to spread the infection all over your face and prolong the healing time of the inflammation almost five times! And do not gloss over the pimple with foundation - this also will not improve his condition.

... do not wash off makeup

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What does the body do at night? It reboots. Your skin also wants to relax and breathe normally, and the layers of primer, foundation, powder, blush and bronzer will “choke” it. Dust and dirt under this thick layer will begin to "bloom", leading to acne, blackheads and blocked pores. A non-washed mascara can provoke conjunctivitis, fine wrinkles around the eyes (eyelashes with mascara are heavier, so they tighten the skin) and loss of eyelashes.

... use samplers in stores

Of course, it is convenient to check before buying expensive lipstick, pencil or tonalnik whether they suit you at all. But with a raw probe you can catch herpes or some other bacterium.Therefore, it is better to ask the consultant to process the sample or search for a disposable probe.

... clench your teeth

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Scientifically, this is called bruxism. Usually manifested during sleep in the form of gnashing of teeth, champing and swallowing saliva. But even in the daytime, sometimes you can catch yourself on the fact that your teeth are too tight. It adversely affects tooth enamel, jaw joints, and also entails headache, migraines, poor sleep, back pain - the list is impressive.

To get rid of bruxism, it is enough to ensure that in especially nervous moments your upper jaw does not “crush” the lower jaw. And better, when you sit at the computer, keep your head a little thrown back. If you can not cope on their own, then buy a mouth guard.

... abuse social networks

Pay attention to the position in which you scroll the ribbon on Instagram: a hunched back, a curved spine, a bent neck. This is not only ugly, but also harmful: the posture deteriorates, a second chin and wrinkles on the neck appear.

... apply a nourishing cream at bedtime

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Yes, yes, you heard right. Night cream can not be applied right before you go to bed.But this does not mean that it is not needed at all. Make it a rule to wash immediately after you came home. No need to carry on another half-evening city dust. After cleansing, apply cream. Let it work for a few hours, and then blot the leftovers with a paper towel. If you are used to going to bed with a thick layer of cream on your face, then get used to the swelling - the first without the second does not happen.

... drinking through a straw

It is beautiful and convenient to drink a cocktail, juice or coffee through a straw. And also the way of drinking protects teeth from sugar and dyes contained in drinks. But it provokes purse-like wrinkles - fine wrinkles around the lips. The same thing happens if you make a “duck” on an Instagram photo. And if it is still possible to argue with the tubule - what is more important, then you definitely need to tie the second one.

... pulling hair

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Do you think that you look charming and seductive while twirling another curl on your finger? Well, maybe. Only when you touch your hair and scalp with dirty hands do you trigger sebum production. Accordingly, hair becomes dirty faster. It really works. By the way, for the sake of cleanliness of the head, you can arrange your bath day with your comb.

... bite the burrs

Dried skin around the nails, protruding burrs, coarse skin ... it interferes and clings. Therefore, many begin to bite off the agnails. It sounds awful, but it seems to be very harmless (except for how it looks from the outside). But in fact, this habit has several consequences that rank it as harmful: firstly, microbes that, along with saliva, penetrate the body, and secondly, it leads to inflammation and brittle nails.

To prevent burrs from forming, lubricate the cuticle of the nails with oil every day and hands with a cream. Go on time for a manicure, so that you put the cuticle in place.

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